Services and Prices Excluding GST

General proofreading: typographical errors, punctuation, grammar, spelling

  •  Consistency in style and format
  •  Presentation

Structural editing: This service checks for:

  • Proofreading
  • General editing: consistency in style, format and presentation
  • Suggestions for rephrasing and restructuring of sentences and paragraphs: this service is particularly useful for:
  • Students
  • People whose second language is English
  • Clear communication with intended audience
  • Note: structural editing does not include re-writing the document
Proofreading or structural editing can be done in either of two ways, depending on customer's preference. Please indicate your preference when enquiring.
  1. Everything is marked with comments from the track changes. No direct changes are made.
  2. Changes in regard to proofreading are made directly and marked with either track changes or green highlight, depending on the customer's preference. Suggestions for clearer communication are marked with comments from the track changes.

Proofreading Prices

For documents up to 1,200 words

$5.00 per 100 words

$4.00 per 100 words for students

For documents over 1,200 words

$40.00 an hour - Proofreading & Copy Editing

$50.00 an hour - Structural Editing

10% discount for Students



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